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‘Fairy Magic’ by Aurora Kane

‘Fairy Magic’ by Aurora Kane

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A handbook of enchanting spells, charms and rituals 🧚


‘Discover your fairy wings and take flight’.


Find your way into the magical Fairy Realm with this illustrated handbook that will act as your guide to the mystical, whimsical world of the fairy folk. Also known as fae, these otherworldly creatures are sometimes friendly, sometime mischievous, but always enchanting. Befriend them and share with them a love and respect of the natural world.

This handbook includes tips on:

  • Common types of fairies and where they can be found.
  • Instructions on proper etiquette when contacting fairies (they can be fickle).
  • Honouring the natural environment by planning and planting a garden that will attract fairies. 
  • Crystals and stones you can channel fae energy in your magical practice.
  • Recipes for creating fairy dust and magically infused tea.
  • Spells for success, everyday living, communication, love and protection. 

Commune with your newfound fairy friends and enhance your magical practices with a touch of Fairy Magic. 

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